Pride Stride History

logo.nonumberA History of the Pride Stride

Our Annual Cougar Pride Stride, Friends of Coonley’s ONLY Fall Fundraiser, aims to carry on the successful history of the fall fundraising efforts for all the students at John C. Coonley Elementary School:

• Pride Stride 4 – Moving Forward raised $41,300 in four areas that will enhanced the education of all students minds and bodies with Arts/Music * Library * Athletics * Technology.

• Pride Stride 3 – Join Team Coonley! Donate. Celebrate. Participate. raised over $40,000 to add Smart Boards to many of our Coonley classrooms!

• Pride Stride 2 – Stay Cool in School raised over $40,000 to air condition Coonley’s classrooms!

• 2010′s Pride Stride combined with Take 2: A Gymnatorium Revival, raised $35,500 for stage curtains, a new sound system and lights for the gymnatorium, our school’s dual purpose gym and presentation space.

• 2009’s effort raised over $38,000 to outfit the Interactive Science Center with lab equipment and other exploratory curricular materials.

• 2008′s Library and Media Center raised over $25,000 for library furniture, including bookshelves and books.